Swim course / PriceEarly registration until 31.8.18 at 10:00Late registration until 14.9.18 at 10:00Registration on the day of the event 15.9.18 until 08:00
Popular swims (Single)85 NIS100 NIS120 NIS
Family 4 persons (two parents and their children)340 NIS360 NIS480 NIS
Family 5 persons (two parents and their children)425 NIS450 NIS600 NIS
Group registration of 30 or more participants(85 NIS Per Person)Please contact the following link by e-mail(85 NIS Per Person)Please contact the following link by e-mail120 NIS  per participant
Soldiers on compulsory service - on day of the event  NIS 70 subject to soldier certificate

Registration will end Friday, September 13, 2018 at 10:00 AM!

  • Prices are subject to registration at Shvoong website (registration for the event will be confirmed upon payment and receiving an order number)
  • Registration on site is available at higher cost, therefore it is recommended to register in advance
  • Payment via telephone - plus NIS 20
  • Order number and ID must be presented at reception stands.
  • If you experience difficulties in online registration, please be advised not to register via computers in workplaces ith various browsing firewall security, or try to register from another computer.

Cancellation Policy

Shvoong's Cancellation Policy is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations.
To read the full Cancellation Policy - Click Here

Cancellation Procedure and details update

In order to cancel your registration or update details for the event, click - unsubscribe - and fill out all the details.

For any change in the details of the registrant, please contact Shvoong by e-mail only, no later than the closing Registration.


Using a discount code

To receive the discount, enter the discount code in the appropriate field and click ‘Update Prices’.

 Without the aforementioned action, the discount will not be accepted.

Once registered, retroactive discount will not be granted.

 If you wish to cancel your registration and register again, you can do so in accordance with the cancellation policy of the event. * Discount is will be confirmed by inserting a discount code only

Group Discount

Discounts and registration for groups of over 30 participants - please contact the following link by e-mail


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