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... "Our ears are called - (even though most of the time is in the water ...) - to hear and examine complementary advice and other / additional tips.
The chairman of the Haifa-Wachiki Association collected and edited forty Kinneret successes (*)
Haggai Feletti, Rosh Ha'ayin
Forty successes have accumulated in the popular success of the Kinneret in the Galilee and in the Land of Israel (*).
This is another opportunity for the Shluchim who stand at the Kartrion to contact the chairman of the Veterans Association
Haggai Feletti 072-234-1943



  • To increase the amount of pools in the personal swimming training: at least twice a week - KM, the third time - every week the 'double' the 'mama' to at least -2.5 km.


  • Swimming training is easy, and relaxing, including a quiet and calm night. Do not forget to dry your bathing suit for the trip.
  • Not to overdo meals and between them, and especially to avoid foods and drinks that have the potential to irritate the stomach.
  • To complete the final preparations: 1) Put in a personal bag: swimming goggles, swimsuit, towel, hat, pants and short shirt, sneakers / sandals or walking boots, soap and towel, (2) -Setting a time frame -It is recommended to plan the wake-up, the ride, and all the rest of the ' Boker's administration has succeeded so that the entrance to the cool waters of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the beginning of the swimming / fishing will not be later than 8:00 AM [more about morning succeeded, see next section]


  • Eat and drink 'easy' - not 'products' with the potential of 'cranberries / heartburn' and / or carbonated.
  • Under the travel clothes to get it ready, to wear the swimsuit already, and so you will save the "section" of "hold me / hide me."
  • To 'empty out' ... and again to 'empty', including all, we all want to keep our beautiful lake clean for a long time!
  • At the Tzemach Parking Lot - go to the reception / registration desk and receive the identification bracelet.
  • Leave in the car in the car park, everything you do not need in your approach to the water, and swimming / fishing itself. On the other hand, take the things that you will need to get in the bag - the swimming glasses, the swimming cap, the anti-puff on the lenses of the glasses and what you want to be with you immediately upon arrival at the final beach in Tzemach.
  • It is strongly recommended (with all senses) - to stay with shoes / sandals / flip-flops - from the car to the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, and to 'smile' at all the barefoot and faltering on the asphalt, and between the pebbles and stones - just because they have not heard about 'corner Shipments', (below)


  • It is recommended to lubricate all parts of the body, with the potential for 'rubbing', which must be remembered for each of the trusts or previous success. Apply (in pairs) - sunscreen. Clean and adjust the swimming goggles, and the swimming cap (preferably elastic hat will be part of you, even in medium and long distance training), and ... not to forget the chocolate squares in the sealed bag that you prepared in advance - of course, a bag that will carry you in the bathing suit, With a lace around her neck, as a meal in the middle of the Sea of ​​Galilee during her success. (It is interesting to note here that there was almost unanimity among all members of the Veterans' Association for the vital / positive contribution of these chocolate squares.)
  • (Usually located on the north side of Haun Beach, the starting point for the long runway). When you arrive at this corner, you send yourself the personal bag that includes the sandals / A pair of clothes, a hat, a pair of change clothes and more - everything you planned in advance, and you should be with you at Tzemach Beach, on the final stage and the medal stands ... You will also want to announce on mobile, And once again, you will be spared, 'an unpleasant jerk, until you reach your car in the car park across the street.
  • On the starting line, it is recommended to do hand exercises (windmills, etc.), legs (flexions and stretches).



  • It is recommended to walk cautiously into the water, (a small tip for the long trackers: 'Adopt you' - a favorite entrance 'section' with relatively few stones / blocks of basalt.
  • It is recommended to 'feel the water' - and check the 'performance' of the swimming goggles before starting swimming.
  • It is recommended to choose a general 'line' of the direction of progress, slightly to the left of the 'big block' of the skiers. The advantages: 1) Improve the sense of orientation and minimize to the minimum, swim in unnecessary and exhausting zigzags, Here - a defined swimming section: right: the main block of the skiers. Left: The southern shoreline of the Sea of ​​Galilee. 2) To ensure ecologically that the smoke of the boat engines and the small 'tsunamis' that accompanied them are mostly away from you.


  • Most skiers of all ages prefer the style of the chest - a style in which they are trained and practiced. The progress is usually a little slower than the rowing style, but in the chest it is possible to enjoy the close and distant surroundings, to hold 'talk' talk / signs and to hold word games. Burning 'you reach).
  • From time to time, it is best to turn over to the back to loosen the muscles of the neck and to relax the muscles of the limbs.
  • The transition to a faster style - striving for someone who is not really born with it - is recommended only intermittently in sections where you really feel stuck - or when you think that the houses and trees on the beach to your left - on the south shore to your left - are stuck. .


  • Do not start the swim at a fast pace, even if ... The clock did not ring in time, and you came late to what you planned to be on the starting line, a slow start and a certain amplification after about fifteen minutes (approximately 250 meters). (Sometimes we share it ... forgetting that this is a popular and non-competitive ointment!) And an unusual effort already on the first 'section', is a pattern for contraction of the muscles in the limbs (see also below) ) - and also causes unnecessary / unpleasant stops / stops !!, in the side of the boats crossing the middle ... and sometimes, we will not know, also a physical inability to finish the success at all and a pity.
  • By the way, many skiers have said that they have adopted a 'healthy' and strengthened practice ("the Bat method" "I mean," I did not look back at the beach of the starting zone, not to feel hopelessly miserable. "What will be - I do not even notice that I have progressed ... It was almost an hour passed and I still did not get far from the" beginning ". We have already said
  • On the other hand, it is interesting to note that this common point, "impatience", is the main argument, which is repeated by those who have crossed the "long" past and are no longer on the starting line. All of us - the family of skiers.


  • When you reach the half of the route, you will be given the time you went to the water, based on your previous experience.) What to eat in the water: Some recommend taking a date-bathing suit in a bag , And / or a drink bag - water or chocolate - in the same way, but according to a handful of veterans, we recommend chocolate with tablets.
  • A correct technique is needed to pull out the food bag in the middle of the Sea of ​​Galilee: the 'pedaling' legs in the water to stabilize, one balancing hand that does not sink and then with a quick hand gesture, and with the teeth the opaque bag opens and into the mouth, chocolate squares or dates are launched ... This retrieval became part of the families of the shippers It is already an important, almost central item in every conversation about the annual success.
  • Apart from stopping the middle, it is recommended to do two more breaks for rest from swimming, one before and after the food break, to relax the limb muscles, re-adjusting the goggles and swimming cap, and a 'visual-state review' of the "Shippers and Success" situation.


  • You can not ignore the possibility of muscle contractions (it always comes suddenly, not in time and not in the right place), usually more cramping in one leg (finger, thigh, thigh, sometimes arm). , Most of the contractions come from a certain cooling of the muscle, or an effort that the muscle is not used to, etc. Fortunately for us, most muscle contractions go on without rest after a short rest, have to "stabilize" , In those rare cases that the contraction does not pass and you are stuck, for example with two constricted feet, sign waving to the cross or close boat, and ... salvation will come soon.
  • The more muscles we exercise in long-term swimming and time training, and training in the gym, the less likely you are to shrink in the next run.


  • The veterans of the skiers speak of the "principle of Chanukah candles" - when they recall the fishermen of Tiberias who were deployed with their small boats at intervals of 300-400 m from each other and along a long rope that marked the path of success, "see them only"? They also explain, 'Woe to him,' to the swimmer, who, in the midst of her great effort to touch, may God have mercy on her, and perhaps also "Heavenly Heaven" boarded a boat, did not count it for several weeks.
  • Today, of course, the approach is less macho, and there is no social / conscientious impediment, etc., for those who feel it is very difficult to reach the vessel, to lean on the side for a short time, to recover and to continue swimming again towards the desired end.

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